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Program Requirements

Safety Interlocks enable true Intraoperative Imaging

Central to every VISIUS Surgical Theatre is IMRIS’ patented technology that transports a diagnostic quality scanner on ceiling rails into the OR to enable true intraoperative imaging where the patient is not moved during surgery. Safety interlocks and a collision detection system control the scanner movement and enhance the safety of the patient, clinical team and equipment.

Building Structure Considerations

Transporting a scanner – particularly considering the 6-8 ton weight in the case of a MR – between rooms suspended on rails requires sophisticated engineering. In both new and existing structures, the static and dynamic loads of moving the device are transferred from the rails and support frame into the building columns without loading the floor or ceiling slabs. This innovative approach minimizes floor to ceiling heights and simplifies slab construction.

Moving the scanner between rooms and maintaining the highest level of image quality requires special attention to:

  • Floor levelness
  • Equipment vibration
  • Location of power supply lines
  • Magnetic shielding requirements
  • Magnetic effects of ferrous metal masses

Readiness for Seismic Zones

IMRIS holds Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) certification from the state of California for the VISIUS Surgical Theatre – a mandatory requirement for projects in California. The OSHPD certification is also recognized in seismic regions across the US and internationally. New products developed by IMRIS are designed and tested for performance requirements under these conditions.