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Imaging Optimization

Innovative RF Shielding for High Quality MR Imaging

The VISIUS Surgical Theatre features an RF shielding system specifically designed for intraoperative imaging. Our IMRIS-certified vendors fabricate, install and test the systems which include:

  • Copper paneling for walls, ceiling and floors
  • Unique sliding doors between rooms
  • RF-shielded windows and access doors
  • Wave guides, electrical filters and penetrations

Booms & Lighting Design

Premium boom and lighting equipment is selected specifically for the intraoperative MR or CT environments. Booms must be located such that before the MR enters the OR for imaging, they can be rotated safely out of the magnetic field or to avoid collision in the case of either modality. While fluorescent lights may be used in the OR, only MR compatible LED lights can be used during imaging. For both MR and CT, the placement of booms considers rail design and patient position so that lighting in the surgical field is optimal.

Electrical Systems for an RF Quiet Environment

Maintaining an RF-quiet OR for intraoperative MR imaging requires the power distribution to be divided into two groups. All equipment that generates RF noise that degrades MR image quality must be turned off during imaging or positioned outside the shield; whereas MR-compatible equipment, such as anesthesia machines or infusion pumps, and the patient table remain always on. Power management for all equipment is built into the integration system to simplify workflow.

Maintaining OR Sterility with Airflow

With true intraoperative MR and CT imaging, sterility of the OR is enhanced as the patient remains on the OR table inside an air curtain at all times during surgery and imaging. Within a VISIUS suite, a controlled work area is maintained by minimizing mixing of room and supply air. In competitive systems where the scanner is located in an adjacent room, the patient leaves the sterile OR area for scanning and returns to the OR area if additional surgery is required.