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Program Execution

Program Management

The keys to a successful program are planning, communication and collaboration. For every program, Deerfield Imaging assigns an expert program manager who is responsible for coordinating all the activities from kick-off to final handover of the completed system.

Once initiated, a typical program for a VISIUS Surgical Theatre has three main phases: planning, execution and commissioning. Each program is unique and the overall timeline depends on the hospital’s construction schedule.

Customer Engineering

The Deerfield Imaging Customer Engineering group works closely with the program architect to integrate the fit and form of a VISIUS Surgical Theatre into a customer’s facility. Deerfield Imaging brings expertise on design-build projects for highest quality intraoperative imaging. Engineering design follows an eight-step process from preliminary design to final as-built drawings.

Along with technical support throughout the program, Customer Engineering provides the architect and institution with:

  • Preliminary site-specific drawings
  • Preliminary site evaluation
  • Architectural room layouts
  • Finalized room layout
  • Verification of customer and vendor designs
  • Final site-specific drawings

Clinical Workflow Consulting

Our team of clinical specialists collaborates with program planners/architects, customer and end-user physicians to account for variables that are design dependent. Design considerations include workflow, staff traffic, patient access and movement, safe zone management and adjunctive third party equipment.

Rigging & Installation

Installing an intraoperative MR or CT system requires careful planning, especially if the VISIUS Surgical Theatre is an upgrade to an existing structure. As part of the program, Deerfield Imaging technical specialists manage installation of the system. In most cases, the scanner can be rigged into the hospital in one day, depending on accessibility. Deerfield Imaging works with the hospital to determine the optimum access route. Within three days, the MR can be installed and connected.