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Planning a VISIUS iCT Suite

Deerfield Imaging offers its VISIUS Surgical Theatres with either MRI or CT modalities and in two or three room configurations. After choosing among these options, there are number of variations to build within the system. Our team brings expertise in planning for use with adjunctive therapies and for inclusion of other disciplines within the suites.


A two-room iCT suite consists of one imaging ready OR for surgery or interventions adjoined to either a bay or garage, where the scanner remains until needed for intraoperative imaging. A control room is also planned with visual and video views of all rooms and for managing scan operations.

View 2-room animation.


Three-Room VISIUS iCT

In a three-room configuration, two theaters for surgery and/or interventions share a bay located in between them.

View 3-room animation.


Typical Space Requirements

The space and dimensions required for a VISIUS intraoperative suite depend on the hospital’s plan for clinical applications and equipment. Total typical space requirements range from 1360 to 2060 square feet (126-191 square meters) depending on the configuration; however, Deerfield Imaging works directly with the architect to establish unique size and layout of rooms for each site. Our clinical education team also is involved to review surgical needs based on extensive experience with leading international neuroscience centers and products.