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Read more about the value of VISIUS iMRI through PDF summaries of published clinical studies and experience produced by leading international neurosurgeons:


Horseshoe (Infant) Headholder Initial Experience

Neurosurgeons at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN, review initial experience from two pediatric patients using the IMRIS Horseshoe Headrest along with the InSitu wireless coil. The clinical team concludes that the headrest offers an advance in iMRI usage for infants and other patients where pin fixation may not be safe. The device is safe and accurate for providing high quality intraoperative imaging.

Prospective, Randomized, Triple-Blind, Parallel-Controlled Trial 

The team at Huashan Hospital at Fudan University, in Shanghai China, recently published interim results showing the first Level One evidence for the clinical utility and benefits of 3.0T iMR image-guided maximal resection in glioma surgery.


Awake Craniotomy & intraoperative MR imaging 
A review of information about combining use of iMRI during an awake craniotomy in a single surgical case at Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St Louis MO.


Summary of First Published Results 
A look at papers from Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital, and PLA General Hospital of Beijing, China, whichprovides compelling information about the viability and clinical benefits of the VISIUS Surgical Theatre in neurosurgery.