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Using intraoperative MRI (iMRI) inside the IMRIS Surgical Theatre, achievement of the surgical objective is improved and patient risk mitigated through:

  • Visualization of surgical progress and results — reduces re-operation rates
  • No moving or repositioning of anesthetized patient — limits transport risk and preserves the sterile setup
  • Clarity of imaging for detail and guidance into eloquent areas — provides critical decision support in procedure completion


With IMRIS iMRI, surgeons can visualize targeted brain tissue and accurately identify eloquent areas and white matter tracts. Surgeons can assess brain shift and refine the surgical plan, prior to closing the surgical site.

IMRIS iMRI provides exquisite quality imaging using leading Siemens 1.5T (tesla) and 3T MR core technology to enable advanced imaging capabilities, including spectroscopy, fMRI and DTI which are not available on low-field systems. Customized for imaging in multiple locations with patented shimming technology, the system supports DTI, MRA, MPRAGE, diffusion and 3D T1/T2 sequences with minimal

acquisition time for intraoperative imaging. Safety interlocks and an advanced collision detection system control the MR scanner movement across multiple rooms for the safety of the patient and clinical team.

Two- and three-room multifunctional operating theaters are designed for image-guided and non-image guided neurosurgery with rapid transitions between imaging and therapy. When not in use, the MR exits the operating room completely into a storage bay, enabling surgeons to use standard surgical instruments and workflow.

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