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Delivering state-of-the-art
imaging to point of therapy

IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging is focused on bringing enhanced visualization to the point of therapy delivery. Delivering diagnostic quality high-field (1.5 or 3T) MRI or 64-slice CT imaging into the operating room, the IMRIS Surgical Theatre is a revolutionary, multifunctional intraoperative surgical environment that brings unmatched and extended vision to clinicians. This provides clinicians with decision support and guidance, particularly in minimally invasive neurological and spinal procedures. Surgical experience with this level of imaging during procedures rather than after is leading to increased achievement of surgical objectives and improved patient outcomes.

IMRIS’ patented technology for transporting the intraoperative MRI or CT scanner on ceiling-mounted rails is intended to enhance safety, precision and utility in a patient-centric environment. The scanner enters and exits the hybrid OR on-demand, remaining completely isolated from the surgical theater during procedures while delivering real-time detailed images to clinicians and preserving optimal surgical access and techniques – including use of standard surgical instruments – when in the OR. Patients are not moved from the room or the OR table. This keeps the patient inside the sterile field during the entire procedure including imaging phases, and reduces risks associated with moving an anaesthetized patient mid-surgery.