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About IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging

As the intraoperative imaging expert, the solutions from IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging measurably improve patient outcomes through planning, product integration and clinical workflow to give surgeons access to diagnostic quality scans in operating room suites. The IMRIS Surgical Theatre, which uniquely transports MR and CT scanners to the patient using ceiling-mounted rails and incorporate other IMRIS imaging technology, are sold globally to hospitals that deliver clinical services to patients in neurosurgical, spinal, interventional and orthopedic markets. 

IMRIS services, solutions and products address important surgical needs of patients, clinicians and hospitals.


Peer reviewed and published data show the degree of tumor resection is increased in the IMRIS Surgical Theatre because residual tumor is found during intraoperative imaging. More complete tumor removal means increased survival and reduced re-operation rates. Additionally, the patient does not need to be moved for imaging during the course of a surgical or interventional procedure with the IMRIS Surgical Theatre. This saves time, avoids potential safety risks associated with moving the patient, and makes intraoperative imaging more practical during the procedure.


The IMRIS Surgical Theatre is designed to enhance the workflow of the clinical team to make true-intraoperative imaging a reality. Intraoperative high resolution imaging information is available rapidly and presented in a manner designed to enhance clinician critical decision making, team efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, since the patient is not moved for imaging, the patient can be maintained in the optimal surgical position, the sterile environment is maintained, and clinicians are afforded unrestricted access to the patient. Should residual tumors be identified, surgery can be resumed immediately.


The IMRIS Surgical Theatre permits greater utilization of the MR or CT equipment by allowing the scanner to be shared by one or more clinical suites and possibly an adjacent diagnostic room. Our mission is to provide truly intraoperative image guided therapy solutions that enhance the physicians ability to see intraoperatively,  add insight to decision making and improve outcomes for patients. The IMRIS Surgical Theatre is a state-of-the-art intraoperative imaging environment that can contribute to the hospital being the destination of choice for neurosurgical, spinal and interventional patients and physicians. Through our ongoing investment in research and development we are committed to broadening our product portfolio with solutions to address additional medical applications and surgical techniques.